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Model Number: LKS-CM70


Product Name: Manual convex word printer


Product Introduction:


Manual code printer (embosser) is the essential equipment of PVC card’s post production and processing. Its function is to extrude protruding or receding characters to make PVC card with identifiability and uniqueness.

This Manual convex word printer is ideal for making personalized plastic ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, etc. It is easy to operate, and can be used on both plain and magnetic stripe cards. Compared with electric embossing machines, this manual machine is more economical and best suited for small batch or personalization jobs.

The PVC manual code printer owns reliable structure, accurate position, small volume, beautiful appearance and easy operation, which is applicable to the small batch and many varieties cards’ manufacturing for small stores, showbiz, food centers, stock exchange centers, banks and insurance etc.


Product Parameters


Applies workpiece: Normative PVC card, That be 85.5mm × 55mm

Character-selection: character rosette turnplate

Internal 68 code characters:

     Capitalization case of English letters (26): A~Z

     Capitalization & Lower Arabic numerals (20):0~9

     Small symbols (8): .–/﹙﹚

Large symbols (12): N O $  .

Modify splanishing symbols(2):■ ■

Adopting ISO international credit card special character.

word spacing gap: 2 gears,


                  1/10inchonly for small characters

Operation modemanual

Raised type lines1-11 lines

Raised type location indicationindicator or sample card

VolumeL×D×H):339×269×165 (mm)

Net weight of the machine8.8  kg

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