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Product features 

1.independent research and development the CCDoptical imaging scanning technology, its available to identify the screen code, incomplete code, fuzzy code, etc., effectively make up for the laser barcode scanner which cannot compeletely identify screen code  problems . 

2.This product has exquisite and beautiful design, the head cover, handle and seat of the scanner are protected by soft rubber,with its internal scientific reinforce structure,greatly strengthen the drop resistance performance,it is incomparable for common wireless barcode scanners.

3.The reading property of products also have a deep improvement ,in image information , we have had the newest technology achievement that makes the capacity of reading more powerful and the speed is more faster.

4.It can normally work when fell to 3m high  to mattess for many times.




Source Type: CCD optical imaging

Trigger Mode: Manual

Scan Mode: Single scan

Scan speed: 300 2 times

Resolution: 3.3mil

Print Contrast: 30% minimum reflectance difference.

BER: 1/5000000

Charging input voltage: DC 5VDC 0.25 V

Power: 250 mW (work): 500 mW (maximum instantaneous)

Current: 50 mA (work): 100 mA (maximum instantaneous)

The light intensity: 3000-12000Lux

Depth of field: 10mm-630mm

Scanning angle: 60 65 42 (left and right, front and rear, turn)

Decoding capability: UPC / EAN / JAN, UPC / EAN with Supplementals, UCC / EAN 128,

Code 39, MSI, Code11, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 TriOptic, Code 128,

Code 128Full ASCII, Codabar, Code93, Discrete2of5, IATA, RSSvariants,

Codabar, Chinese2of5, Inteleaved2 / 5, Interleaved2of5, the postal code and other countries

Interpersonal GM - dimensional bar code

-Lift method: Buzzer, LED indicator.

Scanner: L * W * H:158mm*68mm*96mm


Charging Interface Type: RJ-45 crystal head

Shell Material: ABS + PC

Temperature:0 to50 (work):-40 to60 (storage)

Settings: manual (special barcode)

Laser safety class: CCD safty class,EN60825-1, Class 1, the national level laser safety standards

EMC EMC: EN55022, EN55024

Electrical Safety: EN60950-1

Enclosure class: IP54

Seismic capacity: multiple drops from a height of 2m to concrete still work


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