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Model Number: LKS-HS90


Product Name: Hot stamping machine


Product Introduction:


LKS-HS90 Hot stamping machine is the reference of foreign advanced hand, the improved hot stamping machine and stamping equipment. This novel is beautiful and easy, use convenient, pressure balance stable and reliable quality, simple operation, deft little space, pressure balance stable, stamping edge is clear. With the similar products on the market, compared to more stable performance, after-sales service is more security. The PVC CARDS for stamping design, applied to VIP CARDS, CARDS, etc, certificate of PVC CARDS on the text, lace and Numbers of gold and silver pressed, etc. Card store is small and medium-sized companies, printing and fabrication of paper printing, PVC coessential material ideal choice.




Plane sends the hot plate, the coordinate silica gel, irons out the surface, the braille to be possible.

Takes a walk the work table structure, causes to burn the India process to be safer.

May correct the down stroke, the running rate, the bronzed temperature.

Corrosion preventing finish coat, the permanent preservation is not rusty.

User-friendly design, the operation is simple, in the enhancement burns the India quality in the foundation, facile practical.


Product Parameters


Hot stamping area (mm) : 60x90
Workpiece maximum height (mm) : 40
Table size (mm) : 120X150
Operation: manual
Walk foil length (mm) : 0-60
Temperature control: 0-300 degrees Celsius
300W power: electrothermal board
Applied voltage (ac) : 220V ± 5%, 110 V ± 5%
Machine (mm) : 170X390X350
Weight: 9.5 KG machine



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